Research is constantly being done to improve the versatility of balanced mix design approaches. Still in its infancy, BMD tests, frameworks, and implications are commonly discussed and revised. These efforts function to improve the asphalt industry through collaboration and new solutions.

In 2019, the National Asphalt Pavement Association sponsored six regional BMD workshops in order to allow highway engineers, asphalt industry managers, and other stakeholders to gain an understanding of balanced mix design. While many topics were covered, the workshops fostered group interactions and discussions concerning new approaches for BMD.

NCAT Assistant Research Professor, Dr. Fan Yin, co-lead these six workshops. In an overview report, Dr. Yin explained that many state DOTs had not seen much improvement in mix performances after implementing Superpave. Because of this, they are interested in implementing BMD. BMD is seen to allow more flexibility and opportunities during the mix design process.

Read Dr. Fan Yin’s full report on the insights gained from balanced mix design workshops here.