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Rutting and IDEAL RT Testing

With the success of the IDEAL CT testing standard, which is rapidly becoming the cracking test of choice for Balanced Mix Design, Dr. Fujie Zhou of Texas A&M University set about developing a quick test for evaluating rutting. Rutting in most HMA pavements is due to shear deformation of the HMA…


Finding the Right Load Frame for Balanced Mix Design

What load frame should you use when testing balanced mix design samples? The balanced mix design method involves cracking tests used to simulate loading conditions on a test sample. By utilizing a load frame, these tests apply both metallurgy and fracture mechanic analysis by which the sample’s…


Insight into Balanced Mix Design Workshops

Research is constantly being done to improve the versatility of balanced mix design approaches. Still in its infancy, BMD tests, frameworks, and implications are commonly discussed and revised. These efforts function to improve the asphalt industry through collaboration and new solutions. In 2019,…


Welcome to Balanced Mix Design News

The aim of this website is to bring together information relevant to Balanced Mix Design (BMD). Through monthly postings, we are working to give our readers a better understanding of BMD procedures, applications, and updates. In this blog, we will highlight publications with interesting BMD…